Remembering a pioneer

Pioneers in their field

Over the past decade, Nualight have worked hard to establish themselves as thought leaders in the Refrigeration LED market. With a niche focus on logistic centres, car parks and warehouse lighting, they held the respect and loyalty of a large share of the market. Despite this success, recent years have seen that share decrease at a steady rate. Why?

In an effort to find out, Nualight invited us in to conduct interviews with key stakeholders in the business. What was their overarching strategy? Had they defined their business objectives? We drilled down into the detail, orchestrating brand positioning workshops to find out how well their brand was aligned with the goals of the company. We needed to understand why Nualight wasn’t succeeding as it should and figure out what could be done to restore the brand to its former success and beyond.

Seeing things differently

It became apparent that Nualight were suffering from negative brand perception. Where once their brand was a beacon of leadership and progress in the industry, it had recently lost its way. This was largely due to the cavalier and laissez-faire approach of previous leadership at the company, and a few long-term customers had parted ways as a result.

Nualight were trading on their reputation instead of enhancing it, and a rapid growth in competition saw them scrambling to retain their brand position. Their once lauded brand was beginning to lose its relevance in an ever-changing market.

Re-discovering a brand truth

We helped Nualight rekindle their reputation for highly innovative work, but re-framing the conversation wasn’t enough. Faced with overwhelming competition from Asia, we needed to work with Nualight to uncover a compelling reason for consumers to choose them instead. By repositioning the brand, we would allow Nualight to once again thrive in the niche sectors they used to dominat.

Following the spark

From this, we developed a unifying brand purpose which we condensed into a simple strapline: True Brilliance. For Nualight and their customers, this illustrated the talent and work ethic possessed by their team, as well as the perfection they strived for as a business. It was all about heritage, passion and innovation.

Reframing the question

Nualight demonstrated the same unwavering pursuit of fresh, lateral thinking as in their early days. Their engineers and lighting designers still have that fire today, but it wasn’t being communicated adequately through the brand. This was clearly a challenge Nualight needed help to overcome. We needed to create a pioneer brand and articulate it in a way that would resonate effortlessly with their customers.

Thinking Forward

We helped Nualight to remember what it was that made them great, and develop that into a new brand concept. From stakeholder interviews and workshops, digital UX and strategy to a comprehensive website, we brought the message to life in at brand touchpoints. We didn’t just deliver a fresh look for the company with 3D animations, brochures and catalogues, we devised an entire communications strategy. Every employee received their own brand book to help them reconnect with the core purpose and values of the organisation. Simply put, we put the brand first and the rest followed.


Hugely increased traffic, affording Nualight the opportunity to re-establish themselves and inspire a new generation of customers.